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Services to restore Wagstaff billet systems are available through Wagstaff Service Centers. Our experienced technicians can repair and restore your equipment, reversing the effects of the harsh molten aluminum casting environment, dramatically extending the productive life of the equipment.  Repair of internal components, recoating of internal and external surfaces, and technology upgrades are all services that can be performed by Wagstaff Service Centers at regular intervals to ensure long service life.


•Remove original system components

•Repair damage to refractory uprights as necessary

•Replace internal stand-off pins and refractory clamp coupling nuts

•Professionally sandblast the equipment to SSPC standards

•Recoat surfaces using original Wagstaff OEM standards and procedures

•Replace bottom plate water seals and mold position water seals

•Replace entire mold lubrication system

•Replace all refractory top clamps

•Replace leak detection tubing if applicable

•Replace mold air distribution system on casting systems equipped with the Wagstaff AirSlip® Air Casting Process

•Install new refractory trough lining if applicable

•Replace identification and safety labels and signs

•Thoroughly inspect and cold-test the equipment before shipping

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