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ShurCast Casting Machines and Supporting Equipment

The Wagstaff® ShurCast™ Casting Machine uses an internally guided cylinder with a rugged, reliable, state-of-the-art hydraulic system. Key components of the system are the cylinder, mounting ring, hydraulic power unit, torque limiter and platen. The Wagstaff casting cylinder is the key component of the ShurCast™ Casting Machine.

The system is designed to provide improved casthouse productivity and superior quality products. Every component is built to exacting tolerances and industry best practices by certified machinists and welders. Operating in conjunction with the Wagstaff AutoCast Automated Casting Control System, ShurCast Casting Machines provide the smooth travel and responsiveness needed to cast all types of billet and ingot. The results are the proof: consistant drop rates and flawless performance, cast after cast. 

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Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

The hydraulic power unit provides the fluid power source and controls required for operating the casting cylinder and mold table tilt system. This state-of-the-art hydraulic control system provides the consistently smooth and accurate platen descent required for successful casting with today’s advanced technologies.

Wagstaff manufactures each hydraulic power unit to specifically complement the ShurCast Casting Machine and related equipment that it will power. The hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic fluid reservoir and hydraulic pumps with drive motors. Logic check valves and pilot control valves mounted in a single hydraulic control manifold are used to control the hydraulic system.

With this design there is no differential pressure that could cause the platen to surge up or drop down, and in the event that metal flow is lost, the cast can be terminated normally without causing damage to the mold table.

A separate auxiliary hydraulic circuit provides hydraulic power to the mold table tilt mechanism and other hydraulic actuators that may be part of the system.


A steel platen, bolted to the top of the torque limiter, supports the cast load, the starting head base, and starting heads. The top of the platen is machined to provide a flat surface for mounting the starting head base, assuring accurate alignment of starting heads with molds in both elevation and position. The platen is covered with a protective coating for service with molten aluminum.

A series of platen proximity sensors are mounted in the pit wall to provide platen location information and cast length correction. The upper limit switch locks out the platen fast up control. The lower limit switch is set at the end of cast length, and activates an alarm. The middle limit switch, if applicable, is used for various signals and interlocks depending on the equipment configuration.

Mold Table Mounting Systems

The Wagstaff® Mold Table Mounting System provides rigid mounting support for the mold table. Each system is specifically designed and engineered to fit existing or newly ordered mold tables. Several types of mounting systems are available depending upon customer needs and casthouse requirements.

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Wagstaff can assist your operation in casting technology selection, efficient system configuration, and future production planning to suit most any output requirements.  Beyond the collaborative casthouse planning process, our technical specialists partner with you to execute a comprehensive plan to train operators, maintenance personnel, and management for safe and productive casting. 

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