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Training is one of the key building blocks of success in a casting operation. Staff who are involved in casting molten aluminum should be well trained on the global guidelines for handling molten aluminum as well as how to efficiently and safely operate Wagstaff equipment before beginning to cast.  Training packages can be designed to suit any operation, and any level of workforce experience, and can be a combination of classroom and practical study.

Practical, hands-on training is a unique offering from Wagstaff and is included in every Wagstaff system purchase.  This training is delivered by a certified Wagstaff technical product trainer.

Training Topics

Workforce education of the casting crew is an investment in the casthouse operation’s profitability and safety. Training is available in the following areas:

  • Control System Preventive Maintenance Procedures
  • SCADA System Operations
  • SCADA System Troubleshooting
  • AutoCast Ingot Control System Operations
  • AutoCast Billet Control System Operations
  • Billet Casting System Operation for AirSlip® and NuMax™Technologies
  • Billet Casting Troubleshooting
  • Mold Shop Maintenance
  • Maximizing the Life of Molds and Consumables
  • Ingot System Operation for Epsilon™, LHC™, VariMold™ and Conventional Tooling Technologies
  • Ingot System Between-Cast Maintenance Procedures
  • Ingot Mold Shop Maintenance Procedures
  • ShurCast System Operations
  • ShurCast System Troubleshooting
  • ShurCast System Maintenance Procedures



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