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The Wagstaff® AirSlip® Air Casting Technology produces the highest quality billets, known for their smooth surface finish, small shell zone, and uniform-grain structure — the world standard  for billet quality.

The AirSlip process uses an optimized mold length, faster casting speed, individual water jets and a unique air cushion to minimize heat extraction through the mold and enhance secondary cooling. The direct chill (DC) casting process extracts heat through two mechanisms: first through the mold wall as the molten metal contacts it, and secondly through direct contact (or “direct chill”) with a specifically designed water pattern as the semi-solidified billet exits the mold. 

Very little mold cooling occurs with AirSlip mold technology, leaving the majority of the heat extraction to direct water quench. This leads to a shallow sump and a very thin-shelled, uniform-grained billet with excellent surface smoothness and high pit recoveries for casters.

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AirSlip Features and Benefits

  • AirSlip® billet is the world standard for quality

  • Patented DualJet™ Enhanced Cooling Technology provides optimal cooling performance

  • Enhanced mold geometry dramatically increases cooling rate

  • Robust construction - The AirSlip mold is precision machined from a single piece of aluminum

  • Fast casting speeds and low maintenance

  • Faster extrusion speeds resulting from small shell zone

  • Environmental benefits:

    • Minimal oil consumption reduces the need for expensive, complex oil cleaning systems
    • Minimal water use reduces plant water system costs
    • Shorter homogenization cycle reduces energy consumption


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