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AutoCast™ V

At the heart of the Wagstaff® AutoCast™ system is the new AutoCast™ V SCADA software, completely reengineered from top to bottom.

The Wagstaff® AutoCast™ V system includes state of the art hardware running custom software designed specifically for controlling and optimizing the direct chill casting process. This turn-key system provides the tools and historical information required for controlling, analyzing and improving the process of billet, sheet ingot, or T-ingot casting.

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High Performance Graphical HMI with Text in Native Language

Implements ANSI/ISA-101 Standard to improve safety and profitability by:

  • Improving situational awareness
  • Enabling rapid identification of alarm events
  • Improving alarm response time
  • Reducing eye strain and fatigue




User Customizable Experience

Any number of users can save their own customizations so that these settings accompany the user wherever they log in to the SCADA system.

  • Layout – Complex or simple? Users may have lots of data available or as little as desired.
  • Colors – Modify the colors for alarms, on/off, etc.
  • KPIs – The Key Performance Indicators can be customized to fit what each user wishes to view.
  • Custom Screen



Multiple Desktop and Multiple Instance Support

Multiple Desktop – If your computer has two or three monitors, you can have the same user experience running across all monitors.

Multiple Instance – An instance is one user’s set of screens, experience, and language.  Multiple users can be logged into the same system running different screens, experiences, and languages at the same time.



Complete User administration

Create on-call rosters, shifts, and assign individuals or groups to:

  • levels of permission
  • alarm and event notifications

AutoCast V is the full featured control system for the casthouse with tools for:


  • Recipe Management

  • Process Deviation Analysis

  • Equipment Operation Analysis


These tools are available through cutting-edge SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) designed specifically for the DC casting process. Find out how you can increase productivity and safety in your casthouse operation with AutoCast V.

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