Up to 20 different sizes can be cast through one VariMold

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Wagstaff® LHC™ Low Head Composite Rolling Ingot Casting Technology molds are available as either a fixed dimension mold or a variable dimension mold, known as VariMold™. This allows aluminum producers to cast high quality ingot in a variety of widths using a single mold. Wagstaff LHC technology improves ingot quality and recoveries, yielding significant savings in scalping and edge trimming operations. Additionally, tests have shown head and butt crop reductions of up to 50% using LHC vs. EMC because of improved butt geometry.

In the ongoing effort to protect our global environment, Wagstaff is committed to help aluminum producers find every opportunity to reduce scrap and waste to minimize the environmental impact of the casting operation.  Wagstaff LHC molds not only lower plant operating costs because of their faster casting rates, but they also help achieve environmental goals because they require roughly 5% of the oil usage of other casting technologies.

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  • Superior ingot surface
  • Increased mold life
  • Curl reduction reduces bleedouts at cast start, creating safer start conditions and limiting operator intervention
  • No peripheral curl reduction technology is required, such as pulse water or CO2 injection
  • Most common alloys can be cast through the same mold, with one mold set-up
  • Lessens environmental impact:
    • A maximum of 0.3 milliliters of oil are needed per metric ton of aluminum cast, so no oil supply system is required and water treatment systems may not be required
    • LHC technology generates less scrap
  • Can be designed to utilize different end designs without replacing the rolling faces
  • Ingot width adjustments can be fine tuned
  • Either rolling faces or end faces can be reconfigured to cast different ingot sizes
  • Reduced number of mold sets. Up to 20 different sizes can be cast through one VariMold
  • Potential for reduced hotline side trim

Edge Trim Reduced



Edge trim of 5182 from the same rolling mill of the same size comparing material cast in Super Tru-Slot molds (left) with material cast in LHC molds (right)


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