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Rolling Ingot Casting Technology

The Epsilon mold is a robust, easy-to-use upgrade from Wagstaff’s conventional Water Hole Mold ingot technology and is designed to allow operation at metal levels that result in improved cast surface quality.  Epsilon's performance has been consistent, and its usage has increased steadily around the globe as ingot casters discover its effectiveness and practicality.

When casting ingots with wide aspect ratios or casting certain alloys, butt curl control is required for safe and consistent production. The reduction in butt curl decreases the chance that a number of defects such as bleed overs, bleedouts, and ingot cracking can occur, therefore creating a safer casting environment for operators.  This attribute is achieved through Wagstaff’s SplitJet™ Enhanced Cooling Technology, which features two water chambers, each with its own set of water spray holes that contributes to the reduction in curl through high cooling rate. Overall, rolling ingots cast with Epsilon have less curl which results in better quality, less scrap, and higher profits to the producer.

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Epsilon Features and Benefits

  • Robust construction - The Epsilon™ mold is precision machined from a single piece of aluminum.
  • Machined water baffle provides superior water distribution and flow uniformity.
  • Epsilon technology can operate with floats/spouts, steady eddies or automated mold metal level control
  • Can be adapted to any mold table
  • Easy inspection and cleaning of mold cooling water passages.
  • Water inlet filter screens are designed into the mold. They provide an added measure of protection against foreign material that can disturb water patterns. They are easily removed for routine cleaning on the casting pit.
  • Curl reduction reduces bleedouts at cast start, creating safer start conditions and allowing operation with full automation control. No peripheral curl reduction technologies required, such as pulse water or CO2 injection
  • Curl reduction technology at an affordable price

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