Server software, hardware and support access are critical elements to network or automation system continuity. Every business must have software and hardware lifecycle strategies to mitigate the overall effect the lifecycles have on operation productivity and security. These strategies are even more critical for casthouses with automated or computerized systems.

Wagstaff AutoCast automation systems have been in use since the early 1990s and were installed on operating systems preceding Windows 2000. These systems are part of the operation, database and special application components of the AutoCast System. Support for these operating systems by the OEM has either ended, or will end soon, according to the following chart.

We encourage you to use this information as a roadmap for managing the numerous types of servers, systems, and software that make up your production systems.

Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server Out of Support April 9, 2013
Microsoft Windows Server® 2003 Out of Support July 14, 2015
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 In Support January 14, 2020
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 In Support January 11, 2027
Microsoft SQL Server® 2000 Out of Support April 9, 2013
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Out of Support April 12, 2016
GE® iFix® 5.1 (and older) Out of Support August 1, 2019
GE iFix 5.5 In Support March 1, 2021
GE iFix 5.8 In Support TBD
GE Proficy Historian® 5.5 (and older) In Support December 31, 2019
GE Proficy Historian 6.0 In Support December 31, 2019
GE Proficy Historian 7.x In Support TBD

Please use the information provided to manage the servers, systems and software included in your production equipment.

Wagstaff is available to discuss options regarding obsolete, or soon-to-be obsolete, software and can assist with plans to avoid any potential production disruptions. Contact your Area Manager to review your casthouse automation lifecycle options.

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