Wagstaff CastLine and LaunderLine Gocator Firmware Update

Spokane, Washington - May 3rd, 2018

CastLine Gocator and LaunderLine Gocator firmware v4.7.12.86 for nonferrous metals casting is now available as a free download.

The new firmware introduces several important developments that address immediate customer needs and elevate CastLine and LaunderLine Gocators to a new standard of visualization responsiveness.



Wagstaff Announces Notification of Selcom® XLine2™ to Gocator® Product Transition

Spokane, Washington – January 25, 2017


After a long-term product cycle in the non-ferrous markets, the LMI Technologies Selcom® XLine2™ laser sensor products are being discontinued.  These products have been important components in many automated casting control systems. Wagstaff has endeavored to extend the products’ life to the extent possible and to develop a replacement for these products. We are pleased to announce the Gocator® 2345 and 2385 sensors will now fill this need.

Wagstaff and LMI Technologies have cooperatively developed sensors and assemblies to replace the Selcom® XLine2™ laser sensor products.  Extensive testing has taken place to ensure the Gocator® products will exceed customer’s expectations and allow them to integrate into new or existing automated casting control systems.

The Selcom® XLine2™ laser sensor products will be replaced as follows:

  • All Selcom® CastLine2™ sensors are replaced by the single Gocator 2345 sensor;

  • All Selcom® LaunderLine2™ sensors are replaced by the single Gocator 2385 sensor;

  • The Selcom® DeltaLine2™ sensor has no replacement and a dual-laser product will not be sold.

The LMI Technologies Selcom® XLine2™ laser sensor products are available for sale from the date of this notice up to and including the Last Time Buy (LTB) date.  After the LTB date, these products will be supported for repair during the Service Period.  The Service Period is an estimate, which is based upon component availability.

In summary, the Selcom® XLine2™ laser sensor products end of life transition dates are as follows:

  • End of Life (EOL) date with formal LMI Technologies notification is October 1, 2016;

  • Last Time Buy date is 12 months from the EOL date, October 1, 2017;

  • Service Period is 5 years from EOL date, October 1, 2021 (based upon component availability).

Wagstaff recognizes the potential impact this may have on your organization.  We want to collaboratively review your product migration and assist with the transition to the newer generation products.  To ensure this product transition is made as smoothly we possible, we urge you to contact your Wagstaff Sales Manager if you have any questions or concerns. For your reference, please download this official notice.



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