Casting Machines
Wagstaff ShurCast™ Casting Machines

Foundation of a Successful Casting Station

The casting machine is a key element of a profitable aluminum direct-chill casting operation. The Wagstaff ShurCast™ Casting Machine is built for reliability and longevity and is designed to integrate with the Wagstaff line of billet and rolling ingot products and the Wagstaff AutoCast™ Automated Control System.

 The ShurCast system is equipped with a single acting, internally guided casting cylinder, torque limiter, cylinder mounting ring and leveling wedges, a precision machined steel platen, and a hydraulic power unit (or HPU).

ShurCast Major Components

Controlling Forces in Aluminum Casting

The ShurCast Casting Machine is built to withstand the forces inherent to the aluminum direct-chill casting pit environment. 

Controlling forces are not the typical loading due to the billets or ingots, rather bending caused by eccentric loads or the extreme force from wedging metal between the casting pit wall and platen.


 Benefits of ShurCast Casting Machines

  • Long service life
  • Cylinder is internally guided, single acting
  • Integrates to the complete line of Wagstaff extrusion billet and rolling ingot casting equipment, including the AutoCast Automated Casting Control System
  • Low maintenance
  • Stainless steel ram






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